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We are honest, young and Agile

We are a young and hungry team ready to serve. We listen to and care of our customers. We are able to adapt to clients wishes, quick and easy.
We love challenges.

We invest heavily in R&D!

We have created one of the most reliable and intuitive systems in the industry by extensively investing in research and development. We are prepared to integrate into your existing systems, or develop a custom system to fit your needs.

The best hardware from Europe

It allows us to follow latest technology and safety standards.
The quality of our hardware devices, allows us to offer up to 5 years of warranty! And the hardware failure rate is lower than 3%

Best After-Sales support!

We serve our distinguished customers with the best possible service and are focused on continuously improving it.
The results speak for themselves with a yearly subscription renewal rate over 95%.

Most competitive pricing

Open-source, SaaS and cloud computing help us offer the most competitive pricing.
Our solutions, built on open-source framework, are completely web-based and have been developed using latest web technologies.

Green and Sustainable Thinking

Besides helping companies to reduce their expenses, we also focus on reducing their Fleets CO2 emissions.
All our Servers are based in Germany and are being operated by Green Energy. We assure a Sustainable and environment-friendly cooling of the data centers.